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Designwrights is based in the market town of Liss, Hampshire. We have excellent links with London and the South and yet, we are only a stone’s throw from the beautiful South Downs.
In 2010 Liss became part of the newly developed National Park.

Our aim when we started was to provide a personalised design service for customers looking to realise their ideas for a new product or needing to update and refresh an existing product.
We are pleased to say that this continues to be our goal. Now in our 18th year, we continue to work across many disciplines for customers ranging from large corporations to individuals.

Shortly after starting we realised that designing a product was only the first step. A finished design needs a manufacturing partner.
Who better to build a product than the people that really understand it? We invested in production equipment to provide that capability so that t
oday we can now offer a service that starts with an idea and ends with a product shipment.

All of our design work is done in-house with our permanent members of staff which means we take full responsibility for both the designs and the products that we manufacture.