Access Control

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Working with a leader in their field, we have designed high security door locks for a number of prestigious hotels in the UK. Here, aesthetics are as important as function, and we've seen our electronics enclosed in traditional materials such as wood and leather.

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Audio Visual

Audio Visual
This project in the medical sector has been particularly gratifying for the team. Our customer supplies equipment used to train medical professionals in situations ranging from bedside consultations to A&E emergencies.

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Industrial Printing

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Designwrights has developed a number of systems to control the high resolution drop on demand printheads used in industrial printing. We have also manufactured and installed equipment to scan and validate the quality of printed materials in a production environment. 

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Posh Stuff

The No 1 Hyde Park development in central London is reputed to be the most expensive real estate in the world. Working with colleagues in the audio visual industry, we made a contribution.

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Smoke & DyeBoth serious and fun at the same time!
For over 10 years we've been working to protect high value assets from the bad guys. The smoke in the picture is from a pyrotechnic device that we had a hand in developing.


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Smart Lighting

Industrial Lighting
There was a day when you just turned the lights on and off with a switch. That's not the case any more. To reduce energy consumption, the control of lighting in public spaces has become very much more complex.

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Tracking-cropGPS is amazing! Combining simple trigonometry with signals from space, this technology can pinpoint a position to within +/- 5 metres. There's still a buzz here when we have a project that uses it.

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Wireless Monitoring

WirelessMonitoringInitially developed for an asset tracking system, our low power radio platform has found application in a number of areas. We have developed equipment to monitor food in the supply chain, drugs and samples in the pharmaceutical industry, power in a chocolate factory and farm implements in barns.

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