Industrial Printing

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Designwrights has developed a number of systems to control the high resolution drop on demand printheads used in industrial printing. We have also manufactured and installed equipment to scan and validate the quality of printed materials in a production environment. 

Our experience goes back to some of the first drop on demand printheads. The challenges then were not just in the electronics. Dust, vibration, and even the pressure shock of a door being opened could affect print quality. Ink supply systems that had to maintain a small negative pressure at the nozzle plate were mechanical works of art.
Fortunately, things have moved on. Whilst we have done much work in ink systems and have developed patentable technology for our customers, the focus today is on the high speed logic required to drive printheads with 500 and 1000 nozzles. To meet this requirement we use 32 bit processors, FPGAs and high speed USB interfaces.