Smart Lighting

Industrial Lighting
There was a day when you just turned the lights on and off with a switch. That's not the case any more. To reduce energy consumption, the control of lighting in public spaces has become very much more complex.

For the last two years we have been working with a UK supplier to integrate our low power wireless technology with their range of luminaires to ensure the lights go on and stay on when needed, but go out when no longer required.
We have integrated microwave and passive infra red motion detectors with daylight sensors to optimise the operation of installations running to hundreds of light fittings.
Emergency lighting, by law, has to be tested on a regular basis. This testing is now automated through a combination of low power radio, Bluetooth communications and applications running on smart hand held devices. The benefits to the end customer include 
cost savings from reduced manpower, improved maintenance schedules and a documented audit trail.