Tracking-cropGPS is amazing! Combining simple trigonometry with signals from space, this technology can pinpoint a position to within +/- 5 metres. There's still a buzz here when we have a project that uses it.

Our experience with GPS goes back to the days when a receiver weighed 10lbs and took 20 amps at 5V. Today it's a little different! We've used GPS and GSM technology to track plant and machinery, money, parcels in transit and people.

Typically our applications have been covert. Size matters and power consumption is paramount. We have developed systems that will remain dormant for 3 years and yet still deploy and track with 80% of battery power remaining. Accelerometers, gyroscopes, ultra low frequency radio, and even liquid sensors have been used to trigger our devices.
Once active, a unit sends its location to a web server via GPRS or SMS. For close-in asset recovery we have implemented radio beacons on 433MHz and 868MHz. One application can even deploy a pyrotechnic device to make itself known.