Production Corp colour 


Procurement is something that our customers don't have to worry about. We buy from franchised distributors in the UK and the US and take particular care to avoid counterfeit components. As the design authority, we are able to source alternative components to keep the wheels turning, even when the supply chain is on allocation.


We don't have the facilities to do it all. There are services that we need to buy in and, over the years, we have built up a base of suppliers that can work to our standards. Examples include the manufacture of PCBs, CNC sheet metalwork, laser cutting and engraving, and silk screen printing.


For electronic assembly we have an SMT pick and place machine with 13,500 cph capability. We also have a precision stencil printer and a 5 zone reflow oven.
For the fiddly bits we use humans.


Ideal products are those that we can test and know that they are fully functional before they leave. If we have had a hand in the design, then we will have included testing in production as an essesntial part of the process.

Your product can arrive at its destination as though it left your factory.
For some customers, we ship in bespoke packaging, with pre-printed labels and manuals, direct to the end customer. For others, we bulk pack circuit boards, leaving the balance for our customers to add their touch.


The great thing about the electronics industry is the speed at which it moves forward. The drawback can be the rate at which components become obsolete or regulations change. Once we've got a product into manufacture, it's in our interest to keep it there. We'll work with you to do exactly that.