Audio Visual

Audio Visual
This project in the medical sector has been particularly gratifying for the team. Our customer supplies equipment used to train medical professionals in situations ranging from bedside consultations to A&E emergencies.

The equipment that we designed encodes and routes audio and video streams from training scenarios to a remote location where they can be recorded, reviewed and assessed. For example, the skills of an experienced surgeon can be shared with trainees by unobtrusively relaying footage from an operating theatre to a remote lecture theatre.
The product, now in its 8th year with us, has been upgraded in functionality and reduced in size. Designwrights undertakes the complete manufacturing process. This spans the purchase of bare PCBs, electronic components and bespoke enclosures, through to the assembly and testing of the finished item and then on to delivery.
are currently working on the next generation device to keep our customer at the forefront of this technology.